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ZAG Launches Connected Play Experience for Zak Storm

ZakStormTrifectaLaunchZAG launched its original boys’ action and adventure comedy TV series Zak Storm—Super Pirate. Man of Action Entertainment created the series.

Zak Storm—Super Pirate debuted this fall in the U.S. on Discovery Family, and Sinclair Broadcast Group’s KidsClick TV.  On November 1, ZAG and global master toy partner Bandai America launched a connected play experience by interconnecting the TV show, toys, and mobile game.

When kids watch the TV series, it will sync with the Zak Storm Super Pirate mobile game to deliver small-screen battles and adventures that mimic the real-time TV show scenes. This in turn provides the player digital game rewards. The Zak Storm Super Pirate experience is further realized when kids collect and play with Zak Storm physical toys from Bandai, available exclusively in the U.S. at Amazon for the month of November. Each comes with collectible treasure that provides rewards for the Zak Storm mobile game. Kids simply scan the unique QR code on the collectible treasure into the free to play Zak Storm Super Pirate app to receive weapons, powers, worlds, strength, health, and much more in the mobile game. Ultimately, the player’s journey centers on digital gameplay powered by physical toy scanning—and that journey syncs with the TV show to level up both the digital and physical experiences.

Zak Storm—Super Pirate has already released in some key territories around the globe. The series follows the adventures of the headstrong Zak Storm, a seemingly typical kid who is swept into the Bermuda Triangle and is magically transformed into the swashbuckling, renegade super pirate hero, Zak Storm.

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