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WildBrain to Launch First Co-Produced Series on YouTube

WildBrain_HydroAndFluidWildBrain signed an agreement with Brazil-based animation studio, Alopra, to co-produce season two of the YouTube comedy series Hydro and Fluid. The agreement marks the first co-production from WildBrain, and the studio will acquire a 50 percent stake in the first two seasons of Hydro and Fluid.

Since signing on to manage season one on YouTube in January , WildBrain has leveraged its branded hub channels and the official Hydro and Fluid channel to amass more than 50 million views and more than 200 million minutes of watch time for the series’ content.

Hydro and Fluid are two water capsules that ran away from the laboratory after an experiment that goes wrong. Through their engaging yet mischievous nature, they showcase different science experiments that can be reproduced by audience members at home.

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