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White Coffee Partners with Joe DiMaggio LLC for Joltin’ Joe

3bagscoffee_011614A licensing arrangement between Joe DiMaggio LLC and White Coffee Corporation has produced a winning lineup of specialty coffee blends and introduces Joltin’ Joe, a new brand with an authentic American heritage.

Joltin’ Joe presents three new blends—a signature medium blend, a signature decaf, and an espresso—delivering an accessible craft coffee that redefines smooth. An elegant, clean, and balanced coffee with a hint of sweetness both approachable and complex, it’s made with a focus on the best growers, the best beans, and the highest-quality roasting curves. It is roasted in small batches by hand to get the best flavor possible.

Joltin’ Joe coffee is available in whole bean and ground in 12 oz. bags and single-serve cups compatible with Keurig machines. The products will be available in outlets nationwide.

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