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Walmart Removes Miley Cyrus Jewelry Due to High Cadmium Content

Walmart announced yesterday that it is removing all Miley Cyrus jewelry from its stores, after it was determined that the products contain high amounts of cadmium. The Associated Press conducted its own testing on the jewelry and discovered that the jewelry contained dangerous levels of the ingredient.

Though it is safe to wear cadmium, the danger comes if it is ingested. Since young children may put the jewelry in their mouths, Walmart determined the best course of action would be to remove the products entirely.
Walmart will continue its investigation into the product’s safety, but in the meantime, the products will be removed from the store.

The Associated Press conducted its test on 61 samples bought nationwide and found that they contained high amounts of the element. Out of 61 jewelry pieces, 59 contained at least 5 percent cadmium and 53 contained 51 percent.

The product line, which was a Walmart exclusive, consisted of necklaces and bracelets.

Check out the related Associated Press story here.

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