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Velcro Celebrates 60th Trademark Anniversary with Parody Music Video

Velcro_MusicVideoThis year, the Velcro trademark celebrates its 60th anniversary in the U.S. this year with a campaign and new music video, with a campaign and music video, “Thank You For Your Feedback.” The video is a response to last year’s music video, “Don’t Say Velcro,” and once again pokes fun, shares fan feedback, and spreads awareness on the Velcro trademark.

Thank You For Your Feedback” provides alternative names for hook and loop products in the song lyrics. The brand will also release a third video this year, which will explore the creative side of the trademark.

Through the campaign, Velcro hopes to educate consumers about its trademark, and protect them from purchasing products incorrectly sold as Velcro products. The company was recently recognized as the Household and Consumer Goods Trademark Team of the Year by World Trademark Review, and the original video won a Gold Telly Award.

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  1. Michael says:

    Brings back memories as my Dad made his fortune on this stock. Sunk every penny he had in it, and it paid off. Was probably the “Apple” of its day.

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