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Turn iPod Into External Storage Device? Say Wha?!?

In a relatively short time—well, nine years—but short for tech neophytes, aka me—iPhones, the iPod Touch and now iPads have come leaps and bounds. I remember getting my first iPod back in 2004, long before the click wheel and fancy color display. Although I have gone through a few iPods since then, I consider myself cool for still possessing my “vintage” second-generation device. Well, now, the iPod and its offspring are capable of yet another feat—acting as an external storage device. Mediafour Corporation has launched Ready, Aim, Drop! Not exactly a telling title, basically, the new thingamajig makes it easier to transfer files.

How it works: With Ready, Aim, Drop! installed on your Windows computer (it’s true, not everyone owns a Mac—ha, in your face Justin Long!!!), a “target” icon is created on the desktop, drag files onto the target icon and they are transferred. If multiple devices are attached, Ready, Aim, Drop! allows you to copy files to each specific device.

Ready, Aim, Drop! requires Windows 7, Vista or XP and is $9.99 for two licenses and $14.99 for five licenses

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