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Tupac and Biggie Bobbleheads???

Everyone knows someone that collects bobbleheads. It could be your mother, best friend, or even the crazy cat lady at work—the one who also boasts an ever-changing array of holiday sweaters. Chances are, their collections include sports stars, cartoon figures and maybe even a politician or two. Come next year, they can add a touch of Hip Hop cool to their collection with Biggie and Tupac.

Barrett LaRoda, chairman of the LaRoda Group Ltd., has finalized a deal on behalf of Funko that will license celebrities as Hip Hop-branded figures. Funko manufactures bobbleheads, vinyl action figures, and plush toys. LaRoda negotiated the licensing for Biggie and Tupac, making them the first two figures that will hit the market worldwide in early 2011. LaRoda has targeted several other Hip Hop artists for the Funko Hip Hop product line. Funko President Brian Mariotti says, “Traditional bobbleheads have always been caricatured and haven’t resembled the artist, whereas Funko has created a line that not only resembles the artist, but captures their swagger.”

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