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The Rent Is Too Damn High

Not quite sure if this common truth extends to middle America, but here in New York the rent is too damn high and gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan possesses a certain part of the male anatomy to say so. McMillan, founder of The Rent Is 2 Damn High party (yes, the number two), has been making waves in the Empire State with his rants (akin to a mentally ill homeless man), muttonchops and skintight black gloves—Agent. Orange. Kills.

Now, the folks over at , a company specializing in custom and political action figures, have turned this crazed politician into a talking doll. For $49.99 people who collect kitschy things like this can display the pop culture hero on their mantel, coffee table or wherever else someone would put a kitschy thing like this. Spouting the famous phrase, “The rent is too damn high,” the doll is sure to be a conversation starter for those in the McMillan camp as well as his detractors. With a talking doll now under his belt and Saturday Night Live showing him the love, maybe McMillan has a fighting chance to win that coveted position in Albany.

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