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New Worms Game Set For September Release

Merchandise specialist AT New Media, licensing agent on behalf of Team 17 for Worms merchandise, has announced that a new Worms game, Worms Revolution, is set for release this September on PC and consoles.

Worms Revolution will feature the 2-D Worms gameplay in a sumptuous 3-D environment, and will launch new features such as four different classes of Worm and dynamic water and physical objects that are designed to boost the gamplay experience.

The Worms licensing program currently features IGS (GameOn) for collectible plush and plush key rings, Gaya for Squeezies, Fashion UK for apparel, Bioworld for apparel and accessories, and GB Posters, while new lines set for launch this year include collectible resin figures and dioramas, as well as bags, mugs, and other accessories.

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