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Industry Experts Weigh in On Hot Topics in the Licensing Industry


eOne_JoanGrassoJoan Grasso, Senior Vice President Licensing, North America, Family & Brands, Entertainment One

-How do you maintain loyalty with consumers who are influenced by a wealth of touch points?

We continue to develop our marketing and digital strategies to ensure we are reaching our target audience wherever they are looking for our brands. We have done this through our ongoing social media efforts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; building new content to engage with our fans and their parents on our websites and apps; having a presence on AVOD platforms; and continuing to build out our experiential programs for both brands via live shows, meet-and-greet events, and other new partnerships. From retail shelves to online sites to mobile apps as well as in their local neighborhood, we want to engage with our consumers in ways that are most meaningful to them. Read the rest of this entry »

Judy Basis, Licensing Industry Force, Passes Away

Judy Basis, cropped

Judy Basis (photograph courtesy of Facebook)

Judy Basis passed away Saturday, August 22, 2015. She battled cancer for more than 30 years.

Basis was a force in the licensing industry. She helped shape the way business takes place when she and her partner Harvey Stern launched The Licensing Book back in 1983. Industry veterans will remember her as someone they could count on for sound advice (both business and personal), and as an essential partner in growing their businesses when the licensing business was still in its infancy.

Donations can be made to:
PAP Corp for Cancer, Valencia Lakes
11600 Valencia Blvd.
Boynton Beach, Florida 33437
In Memory of Judith Basis

It’Sugar to Debut Chupa Chups Shop-in-Shops in the U.S.

ChupaChupsIt’Sugar is bringing the international lollipop brand, Chupa Chups, to the U.S. with the launch of Chupa Chups shop-in-shops in more than 75 It’Sugar stores across the nation.

Chupa Chups shop-in-shops will be featured in all It’Sugar locations across the country, making the lollipop brand readily available in the U.S. In addition to carrying the signature lollipops, It’Sugar and Chupa Chups will premiere a line of apparel, squishy pillows, and other candy-colored accessories.

Chupa Chups lollipops, apparel, and accessories are already hitting the stores after their launch in Las Vegas last week.

EVA Air Hello Kitty Shining Star Jet Lands in Houston

HelloKittyJetTravelers can now book nonstop Houston-Taipei flights aboard the specially painted Boeing 777-300ER named the EVA Air Hello Kitty Shining Star Jet.

Upon reaching Taipei, Houston passengers can then connect on to almost every business and leisure destination in Asia, including Mainland China. During the flight, guest will have access to inflight Wi-Fi and global roaming.

EVA and Sanrio’s colorful aircraft celebrates the 40th Anniversary of My Melody and Little Twin Stars who are featured on the jet. The Hello Kitty Shining Star Jet is EVA’s seventh specially painted Hello Kitty plane and its second using a long-range Boeing 777-300ER. EVA created a different design for each Hello Kitty Jet and flies the other six from Taiwan to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Guam, and Paris.

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Roy Lowe, MV, and Goliath Games Sign on for Shopkins

ShopkinsBulldog Licensing has signed deals with Roy Lowe and Sons, MV Sports & Leisure Ltd., and Goliath Games for its Shopkins brand.

Through the agreements, Roy Lowe will produce socks; MV will develop wheeled goods, including bikes and scooters; and Goliath Games will create boardgames to be sold in the U.S. and distributed in the UK by John Adams Leisure Ltd.

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KidDesigns Introduces Star Wars Darth Vader Product

May29.DarthVaderBoomboxKidDesigns will add the Darth Vader Voice Changing Boombox to its line of licensed Star Wars-inspired toys. The boombox features Darth Vader phrases and real sound effects from the films and changes kids’ voices to sound like Darth Vader himself. Kids can also attach their MP3 players to play their own songs.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood to Air New Episodes in June

Two new episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood will launch nationally on PBS Kids, featuring effective musical strategies designed to help families cope with two common challenges young children face: Getting hurt and not getting what they want.

On June 1, the episodes “Miss Elaina Gets Hurt” and “Daniel Feels Better” teach kids that when they get hurt, they should find a grown up to feel better. In the episodes (respectively), Daniel is at his friend’s house and they get hurt playing, but Lady Elaine makes them feel better, and Daniel accidentally falls and twists his ankle but he goes to the doctor and learns about an X-ray machine.

On June 22, the episodes “Puzzle Playtime” and “Super Trip to the Supermarket” teach kids that when they can’t get what they want, they must stomp three times until they feel better. In the episodes (respectively), Daniel gets mad when he doesn’t get his way, but his mom shows him a way to feel better. In the second episode, Daniel gets upset when he doesn’t get what he wants, but his dad assures him that it’s alright to feel frustrated and shows him that stomping three times is a good and appropriate way for Daniel to help himself feel better.

Burger King Global Promotion Accessorizes with Laloopsy

Burger King restaurants and MGA Entertainment (MGAE) have announced a deal for a global promotion featuring MGAE’s Lalaloopsy accessories for girls in Kids’ Meals globally from May 7 through June 21.

Girls will receive a Jelly Wiggle Jiggle Locket Necklace, a Bubble Smack ‘N’ Pop Compact, Jewel Sparkles Hair Combs, or Pickles B.L.T. Sound Clip in each Kids’ Meal.The Lalaloopsy friends were once rag dolls who magically came to life when their last stitch was sewn. Each doll has her own personality based on the fabrics that were used to make her.

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