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Skyrocket Toys, Marvel Partner for New Spider-Man: Homecoming Drone

Skyrocket_Spider-ManSpiderDroneSkyrocket Toys partnered with Marvel to reveal new, high-tech drones inspired by the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film. Skyrocket Toys designed the functional replica of Spider-Man’s surveillance drone, complete with the free Spider-Drone app.

The Spider-Man Drone will be available exclusively at Walmart on June 4. Additionally, the Spider-Man Streaming Video Spider-Drone, will be available exclusively at Toys “R” Us on July 1.

Disney and Leomil Expand their Cooperation into Latin America

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The Walt Disney Co. and Leomil Group have expanded their cooperation into Latin America. Leomil Group has been a long time partner with Disney in major territories worldwide, such as EMEA, Russia, and Asia, and has already started its sales in Colombia and Suriname for Frozen, Minnie, and the upcoming film The Good Dinosaur. The cooperation on the Marvel franchise Spider-Man is heading into Colombia, Chile, Central America, the Caribbean, and Suriname.

Rubie’s Unveils New Licenses for Dress Up Line


Imagine by Rubie’s, a toy division of Rubie’s Costume Company Inc., announces new licensed products and accessories in its 2015 collection. Available for children in separates and box sets, every unique ensemble provides kids the opportunity to dress-up as their favorite character year round.

Imagine’s new licenses inspired by 2015’s most anticipated movies include Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Minions. In addition to these newly acquired licenses, the following properties are also included in the current repertoire of Imagine products: Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Wizard of Oz, WWE, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Super Best Friends, and many more. Non-licensed products are also available. The philosophy behind the entire collection is to encourage kids to dream, believe, and achieve through the art of imagination.


Marvel Brings Heroic Focus To Hydration With New Drinkware Collections


Marvel Entertainment LLC has unveiled several new collaborations in the drinkware category. New products will include Marvel characters from The Avengers and Spider-Man franchises, including designs inspired by the theatrical releases of Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Marvel’s newest team, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Thermos brings a range of Marvel characters to insulated containers to be sold in mass market retailers and at starting this summer. The products feature characters from The Avengers, Spider-Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy. The line also includes lunch kits and food jars. Zak Designs will also feature a range of characters from the Marvel Universe on drinkware. Spider-Man and The Avengers characters are available now, while new drinkware designs for Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will launch timed to each theatrical release. The Zak Designs products will also include dinnerware and food storage.

Available now, ICUP has launched a line of drinking glasses featuring Marvel favorites including Spider-Man, Captain America, and The Incredible Hulk. The glasses are sold at Spencer’s Gifts, HMV, Transworld, and more, with additional designs rolling out through the end of summer. Silver Buffalo and Vandor are the newest licensees added to the intergalactic Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy lineup. A line of drinkware will hit shelves this July, in time for the theatrical release of the film in August.

Marvel Partners with C-Preme Ltd. for Active Play Safety Products

Marvel Entertainment LLC and C-Preme Ltd. have partnered for a new line of helmets with 3-D designs that will provide a new entry point into the active play category for Marvel. The products will incorporate bold colors and highly-stylized imagery of Marvel superheroes, including The Avengers and Spider-Man, for helmets and other protective gear. The line will hit retail shelves in February, leading into the release of Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier in April and Columbia Pictures’ The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in May.

Adorned with 3-D visual features, the line will tap into each character’s core iconography. Thor’s winged helmet will be brought to life and Captain America’s indestructible shield will feature a mesmerizing effect. These designs take a fresh approach in a traditional category by transforming the protective gear into something unexpected, fun, and cool.

The C-Preme helmet line comes on the heels of a recently announced line of Marvel Superhero bicycles and tricycles from Huffy, further enhancing Marvel’s move into the active play category.

Marvel Select Photo Contest Winners Revealed


The Marvel Select photo contest is complete. Marvel went through all of the entries and picked out the three best, based on a variety of criteria, including pose, lighting, composition, complexity, and innovation.

The second runner-up is Earl E. Ware III, who shot the Marvel Select Rhino standing victorious over a fallen Spider-Man. He wins a pre-production Unleashed Hulk in test packaging and an unpainted brown Amazing Spider-Man prototype.

The first runner-up is Geof Le Baron, who shot Marvel Select’s Agent Venom being overpowered by the Classic Venom. Geof is awarded a Fearsome Foes of Spider-Man Gift Set and an unpainted brown Green Goblin prototype.

The winner of the competition is Ryan Vasquez. Ryan was a runner-up in the contest two years ago with his shot of Marvel Select Juggernaut. The Marvel Select Rhino takes on Spider-Man, but this time, Spider-Man executes a leap over the mid-stride Rhino. For capturing such an action-packed moment on such an elaborate battle zone set, Ryan won the grand prize, a Don Cheadle-signed Iron Man 2 War Machine figure, a variant Genis-Vell Captain Marvel figure, a prototype Fearsome Foes of Spider-Man Gift Set, and an unpainted all-black Venom prototype.

Zuru to Release Creepeez Wall Crawlers Toy Line with Marvel Super Heroes

Innovative toymaker, Zuru announced today that it will be creating Creepeez wall crawlers featuring Marvel’s characters from both Spider-Man and The Avengers. The official, Marvel Creepeez hit stores this month at Toys “R” Us and Dollar General stores across the country.

The line will feature fan favorites, including The Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America, all with creepy sticky feet and the ability to tumble down walks while performing stunts or racing against one another.