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iconkids & youth Release New Kids License Monitor Study

iconkids&youthAn average child in the UK owns merchandising products of 28 different licenses—a number gathered from the Kids License Monitor, a study conducted online by the German market research company iconkids & youth in Germany, France, and the UK. The study surveyed 3,821 kids ages 4 to 12.

Instead of the category being driven by one license, this data suggests that kids enjoy a wide range of licensed toys and merchandise. For licensors, the large selection of properties confirms that they must prevail in a highly competitive and fragmented market. The Kids License Monitor concluded that UK kids own the largest variety of merchandising products: German children possess about 25 different properties while French kids only own about 23. The most common licenses in UK nurseries are Minions followed by Spider-Man and Toy Story.

Iconkids & youth Release New Kids License Monitor Study

iconkidsyouth_KidsLicenseMonitorGerman research agency iconkids & youth released the results of Kids License Monitor, a quarterly online study. The study assesses popular licenses in the UK, France, and Germany.

According to Kids License Monitor, the major properties in the market are either traditional unisex topics, or topics that mainly address boys. A brand that targets girls is less likely to make it into the top 10 children’s licenses.

The top 10 “hype” properties of the last half-year include classical unisex licenses, such as The Minions or The Simpsons, as well as action licenses including, Spider-Man, Batman, or The Avengers. That said, there is not a property that solely targets girls. Read the rest of this entry »

iconkids & youth Releases Kids License Monitor Study

iconkids&youthiconkids & youth released its latest Kids License Monitor study conducted in Germany, France, and the UK, which showed that the popularity and enthusiasm that a license has differs from country to country.

 Minecraft, the Simpsons, Angry Birds, and Harry Potter are extremely popular in the UK, but they are not as popular in Germany and France. Additionally, Cars makes it into the top 10 of licenses only in France, while Micky Mouse and Tom & Jerry are popular only with German children. Read the rest of this entry »

Kids License Monitor Study from iconkids & youth Assesses Popular Licenses

KidsLicenseMonitorAccording to new results from iconkids & youth‘s Kids License Monitor, the popularity of licensed properties among kids is not reflected in the ownership of merchandising products.

For example, the results show that while 28 percent of British kids like Alvin & the Chipmunks, only 18 percent own products from this license.  Elena of Avalor has 15 percent fans, but only six percent of kids have merchandise of this license at home.  Additionally, Hotel Transylvania has a fan share of 30 percent but an ownership rate of 15 percent, which means that only half of kids that are fans of Hotel Transylvania own licensed merchandise based on the property.

Read the rest of this entry »

Ice Age Products Are Top In European Kids’ Rooms

The Kids License Monitor, a quarterly online study implemented by independent German research agency iconkids & youth, has released the results of a study of European children’s ownership of a variety of popular and well-known licenses. More than 1,200 British, French, and German children were asked to give their assessment of 71 licenses and properties. The study showed that the characters of Ice Age have the highest ownership rate among these children, with 64 percent of French children, 60 percent of German children, and 46 percent of British children own products featuring the characters.

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