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Burger King Global Promotion Accessorizes with Laloopsy

Burger King restaurants and MGA Entertainment (MGAE) have announced a deal for a global promotion featuring MGAE’s Lalaloopsy accessories for girls in Kids’ Meals globally from May 7 through June 21.

Girls will receive a Jelly Wiggle Jiggle Locket Necklace, a Bubble Smack ‘N’ Pop Compact, Jewel Sparkles Hair Combs, or Pickles B.L.T. Sound Clip in each Kids’ Meal.The Lalaloopsy friends were once rag dolls who magically came to life when their last stitch was sewn. Each doll has her own personality based on the fabrics that were used to make her.

41 Entertainment Announces UK and Ireland Launch Strategy for Pac-Man


41 Entertainment and its UK licensing agent Lisle International announced its strategy for the launch of the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures program in the UK.  The TV series includes seasons one and two.

The strategy is as follows:

  • Sky will launch on its stereoscopic 3-D channel.
  • Disney XD will launch on its 2-D platform in January.
  • Burger King will have premiums in more than 500 of its restaurants in January and February.
  • Bandai will initially launch its master toy line in January. 
  • Namco Bandai Games UK will launch the videogame for multi-platforms on March 7. 
  • Blues will launch apparel in first quarter. 
  • VMC Accessories will launch fashion accessories. 
  • KNex will launch construction toys in spring. 
  • The Official Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures magazine will launch throughout spring and summer from Titan, as well as an annual from Pedegree.
  • Novelty items from Underground Toys and dress-up from Palamon will also launch through spring and summer.
  • Giromax will launch trading cards and sticker albums from spring and summer.



Burger King to Launch Digitally Interactive Toys for The Simpsons Super Heroes Kids Meal Program

Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and Burger King Worldwide Inc. are introducing digitally interactive The Simpsons toys to Burger King Kids Meals. Beginning September 29, in North American and Latin America, Burger King Kids Meals will come with one of six unique Simpsons super hero toys, each featuring a super power brought to life through a digital game.

The Simpsons Kids Meal toys will serve as “virtual joy sticks” that allow kids to interact with the digital game through motion detection technology and the use of a webcam. At, users can battle a range of villains directly from Springfield, as each character features its own game environment and three levels of increasing difficulty. Players can earn points by hitting their targets using their super hero’s unique super power, which may include throwing pies or shooting radioactive rays. The six Simpsons super heroes include Radioactive Man, Pie Man, Cupcake Kid, Fallout Boy, Clobber Girl, and Stretch Dude.

The Simpsons Kids Meal interactive toys and digital games were conceived by Surge Innovations and executed through its digital partner, Pod Digital Design.

Agreement Signed For Comedy Series Chub City

Dentsu Entertainment USA Inc. has signed a development agreement with Nelvana Enterprises and Fuel Entertainment to create an animated action comedy TV series, Chub City. The series follows the adventures of a team of heroic teenagers who drive customized cars at Chub City battle rallies, which pop–up spontaneously in different parts of the world. Teams arrive by train, ship, truck, and helicopter in container units called Convos that become the building blocks for these instant cities. The stories find humor in the relationships of the drivers and the awkward bond that forms with their more logical sentient cars, all while battling to recover a powerful hidden energy source. The series is based on an intellectual property and toy brand, which has been sold worldwide at more than 11,000 stores including Walmart and Carrefour, and has been featured in nationally advertised Burger King and Taco Bell kids meal promotions. The new series will be supported by new toy technology that will bring innovation to the vehicle toy space. Dentsu Entertainment USA, Nelvana Enterprises, and Fuel Entertainment are actively seeking toy and broadcast partners for Chub City.

SMC Entertainment Promotes The Jungle Book at Burger King

SMC Entertainment Group (SMC) announced a U.S. promotion with Burger King (BK) for The Jungle Book through August 5 to offer customers one of six Jungle Book premiums with the purchase of a BK Crown Kids Meal, including a Mowgli Tiger Claw Pendant, Shere Kahn Tiger Face, Bagheera Light, Baloo Telescope, Kaa’s Stripes Trail Game, and an Appu and Jungle Friends Molding Set. The promotion also offers guests a free mobile game app, The Jungle Book – The Great Escape, The Jungle Book brand’s first mobile gaming app.  
Burger King will support The Jungle Book promotion on, and include interactive content and Jungle Book-themed games. Additionally, participating restaurants will promote the brand extension with The Jungle Book BK Crown box, a point-of-purchase display, and consumer advertising. 
In addition to the U.S., The Jungle Book promotion will run in participating restaurants in Canada and in select countries in Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East. 
Almost 120 years after the original release of Rudyard Kipling’s 1894 story, The Jungle Book series returns for the first time in a 52 11-minute episode, 3-D CGI TV series and a 60-minute TV feature in hi-definition CGI-animation. 

Beyblade Toys Arrive at Burger King Restaurants

Nelvana Enterprises and d-rights Inc. announce that Beyblade toy premiums will be featured in a Kids Meal promotion launching at Burger King restaurants in 70 countries. Each Kids Meal will include one of four different Beyblade toys that let kids race and battle it out.

The meals will be available at participating Burger King restaurants in territories worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Europe (excluding France), New Zealand, and the Middle East. This year’s program follows last year’s successful Beyblade Burger King Kids Meal promotion, which featured Beyblade action racer toys and was available in more than 3,300 restaurants worldwide. This year’s program expands to include the U.S. and Canada and will be available at more than 11,000 locations and supported with on-air, online, and in-restaurant promotion.

Burger King Kids’ Meals to Include Discovery Communications Toys

Discovery Communications is teaming up with Burger King for a new line of premiums, featuring space-themed Discovery Kids items in every Burger King Kids’ Meal sold at participating restaurant locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Customers can receive one of six space-themed Discovery Kids premiums, crafted to promote learning and exploration. Items include a Red Planet Reveal Mars Rover, Orion Zero-G Astronaut, and Launch Center Rocket Discs. Each toy comes with a collectable card that unlocks activities and provides information about space exploration.

Burger King Joins ZeptoLab as Promotional Partner for Cut the Rope

ZeptoLab, developer of the mobile game Cut the Rope, has entered into a promotional partnership with Burger King. Beginning in March, the promotion will include a fully integrated marketing campaign that includes in-restaurant merchandising with a collection of toys featuring the game’s character, Om Nom. The toys will correspond with new Cut the Rope game levels released weekly on the Burger King website. Patrons of the restaurant will receive one toy as part of a kids’ meal, plus a custom code that will unlock the themed game.