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Star Trek’s Klingon Bloodwine Arrives On Planet Earth


Klingon Bloodwine (tlhIngan ‘Iw HIq), is now available for Star Trek fans and wine lovers alike. CBS Consumer Products has released a Klingon Bloodwine, developed by the same team of experts behind the limited-edition Juan Ortiz Star Trek wine collection, which was released last year to honor three episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series.

Klingon Bloodwine is 13 percent ABV and can be served slightly chilled or at cellar temperature (60 to 65 degrees Farenheit.) Star Trek fans will recognize the label of Klingon Bloodwine, a symbol comprised of the bat’leth or “sword of honor,” a traditional Klingon weapon. The back label includes the victorious Klingon phrase: “Celebrate! Tomorrow we may die!” (yIlop! wa’IeS chaq maHegh!)

The 2012 Klingon Bloodwine is a medium-bodied red blend of Malbec, Syrah, and Petit Verdot from the Paso Robles AVA in Calif. Klingon Bloodwine is licensed by CBS Consumer Products and is available for sale now on, and will soon be available through leading retailers nationwide.

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