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Showtime Launches New Dexter Site

Following last night’s episode of Dexter, Showtime Licensing & Merchandising launched a companion site that played heavily within the story’s plot line. will serve as a sister commerce site to the store, selling product directly related to one of the series’ most famous killers.

The products that will be sold include:

1. Dexter Collector’s Edition Ice Truck Killer Paperweight: $109.95
2. Dexter Ice Truck Killer Replica “Thumb” 2GB Drive: $39.95
3. Dexter Ice Truck Killer Replica “Finger” 2GB Drive (purple, orange, green, and gold variations): $35
4. Dexter “Kill and Grill” Set: $50

Episode Tie-In: In the show Masuka’s intern steals a prosthetic arm, a piece of evidence from season one’s Ice Truck Killer, and auctions it on the fictional auction site Buy This Treasure. Showtime has recreated the site based on the graphics seen on the show and will feature store items themed around the Ice Truck Killer. The highlighted item is the “Thumb Drive” – a USB memory stick encased in a fake thumb. The prosthetic arm from the episode is also on the site, but the “auction” will “end” when it’s clicked – just like what happened to Masuka when he tried to reclaim the stolen evidence in the show.

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