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Sex, Vomit and Other Halloween-Related Topics

Editor in Chief Bryan Joiner and I have continued our quest to bring you anything and everything related to Halloween. On our latest outing, we stopped at Ricky’s NYC (375 Broadway, New York; 212-925-5490) and Abracadabra (19 W. 21st St.; 212-627-7523).

If you want to be a sexy schoolgirl, sexy pirate, sexy monster—basically anything sexy, head to Ricky’s. I found a great pair of Wizard of Oz ruby red slippers, otherwise known as garish glittery red stripper platform pumps, which would be perfect for anyone’s raunchy Dorothy getup.

Also good to know: The two-floor store is open all year and could easily double as your local drugstore if you’re lazy or live in the area—a few Duane Reade-style aisles are stocked with shampoo and the like.

We. Loved. Abracadabra. This place simply rocks. Even if you are one of those people who, dare I say, hate Halloween you will still be amused by this quirky shop. From the get-go we were met by a fabulous life-size ghoulish mannequin vomiting in a bucket. Okay, we’re juvenile but don’t judge, we giggle at that sort of thing. The meat case full of body parts, also near the front of the store, was a nice touch.

If you want a realistic mask, life-size prop or glock, check out Abracadabra. Ok, let me explain the last part: The store also doubles as a place to buy movie props (you need to have credentials to rent any of the realistic weapons).

FYI: You can get costumes, but this isn’t necessarily the place to browse through aisles of sealed packages—the costumes are kept on hangers behind a counter and you should ask an employee for assistance.

Really, if nothing else, go for the vomit. We loved the vomit.

-Mackenzie Allison

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