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Scholastic Releases Licensing Program for Goosbumps Movie

Scholastic is celebrating the theatrical release of the Goosebumps motion picture, based on the series by R.L. Stine, with a new collection of licensed products. The offerings include T-shirts, costumes, video games, novelty toys, and more. More than a dozen licensees have signed on to produce Goosebumps products in advance of the film from Sony Pictures Entertainment. The full list of licensees are as follows:

  • Berkshire – Headwear, footwear, rain gear, winter accessories, and socks
  • C-Life – T-shirts, fleece and thermal tops for men, women and children
  • – Pre-paid payment cards
  • Cosmic Forces – Mobile game
  • Cotton On – T-shirts, stationery (Global)
  • GameMill Entertainment – PC/video and online games
  • Katalyst – Stationery and novelty items (Canada)
  • Outset Media Corp. – Board/activity/card games
  • Pyramid Posters – Posters and novelty (Europe)
  • Rasta Imposta – Halloween costumes
  • SG Companies – Girls and boys sleepwear and slippers
  • SRM Idea Lab – Novelties, including light/sound slammers, slap bracelets, flashlights, plush sound gloves, book lights, lenticular bookmarks, sound machines, compound toys, and plush
  • Trends International, LLC – Posters and bookmarks

The Goosebumps motion picture will make its debut on Oct. 16.

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