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Rovio Entertainment, Iron Maiden Partner for Angry Birds Evolution Halloween Edition

ABEvolution_EddieRovio Entertainment will feature Iron Maiden in a special Halloween version of Angry Birds Evolution. Eddie—the mascot of Iron Maiden—will be a playable character as Eddie the Bird in Angry Birds Evolution this Halloween season. In this two-week character event beginning October 18, players who recruit Eddie the Bird to their team will be able to keep him as a player permanently.

There will be four evolutions of the character to represent different albums from Iron Maiden. In addition, the Bird Island will be transformed into a Halloween-themed, heavy metal oasis full of tributes to Eddie, Iron Maiden, and the heavy metal universe.

Rovio will offer fans exclusive Eddie the Bird merchandise, available for a limited time during this event. Additionally, Eddie the Bird will also join Iron Maiden’s Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast mobile role-playing game (RPG) that will launch next year.

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