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Paladone Launches Biodegradable Plastic Merchandise

paladone eggsGlobal gift designer and supplier Paladone will bring BDP (naturally decomposing plastic) to the global gift trade with a range of giftware using Breakdown Plasti technology.

Breakdown Plastic’s organic additive, BDP, is designed to be used in synthetic polymers to enhance the biodegradation of plastics in landfills, allowing microbes to consume the plastics in a matter of a few years instead of centuries or longer. Paladone products using BDP are home-compostable, naturally decomposable in landfills and recyclable, making them sustainable.

This summer, Paladone will launch a line of licensed egg-cups using this organic additive to address the issues of using synthetic materials which leave harmful imprints on the environment. More items are in development to appeal to the U.S. market, where eco-friendly products are in high demand.


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