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Ol’ Blue Eyes Gets Pen Collection, Stallone to Serve as Ambassador

When I was in the sixth grade, Clueless was the biggest hit of the year—at least in the eyes of a tween girl. Maybe it was just a Midwest thing, but that movie influenced everything, from fashion and phrases to even school supplies. Everyone who was anyone wanted the pens with the feathers on the tip. Those gaudy feather pens were a status symbol. Now, years later, Italian-based manufacturer of fine writing instruments Montegrappa might be trying to accomplish the same goal—albeit for an older and more sophisticated set—with the new commemorative pens honoring Frank Sinatra.

The pens, which are part of the company’s “Icon” series, made a grand debut at Baselworld this week in Basel, Switzerland.

What to Expect
At the working end, the tip of each pen bears a musical staff and a G-clef. The barrels and caps of each pen are finished to resemble the fabric of a sharp pinstriped suit, while the ends of each cap are engraved with the fedora logo used today by Frank Sinatra Enterprises to identify authorized Sinatra items. The fountain pen models in the series have blue accents in a nod to “Ol’ Blue Eyes,” while the roller ball models bear orange accents reflective of Sinatra’s favorite color.  The pocket clips for each pen are carved in the shape of a classic microphone.

Additionally, the company has also recently announced that Montegrappa collector Sylvester Stallone has acquired an interest in the brand. Stallone will serve as a Montegrappa brand ambassador and will also provide creative input regarding new styles of pens to be introduced during 2011.

—Mackenzie Allison

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