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NPD Study Shows Toys and Technology Drive Licensed Sales for Kids in the U.S.

NPD_Stats According to the U.S. Kids License Report from The NPD Group, video games, electronics, and apps make up a combined 22 percent of kids’ licensed product dollar sales in the U.S.

This is on par with the volume represented by toys, which is the number one licensed industry at most retailers.

Toys capture the largest share of licensed sales among younger kids, representing over one-quarter of dollar sales for kids ages 2 to 5. This percentage shifts as video games, electronics, and apps gain more prominence as kids get older. Video games earn 27 percent of sales among boys ages 10 to 14, and share also increases substantially among girls as they get older. Toys and video games capture the largest share for eight out of the top 10 licenses, illustrating the weight carried by each of these industries.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 10.07.38 AMThe majority of kids’ licensed purchases are made in stores across industries, though online sales represent more than one-third of total sales across a number of them including video games (39 percent), apps (38 percent), and electronics (33 percent). Online toy sales are just shy of that mark, at 31 percent. Among these industries, specialty stores compete with mass chains and the online channel for share of licensed spending.

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