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New Tetris-Themed Products Introduced at Toy Fair

The Tetris Company, LLC, the exclusive licensor of the Tetris brand, and its merchandising agent, Licensing Works!, announced several new Tetris-themed products from licensees Techno Source, Paladone, and Fundex, which showcased their new Tetris products at Toy Fair.

Techno Source introduced its new Tetris Illuminated Mega Screen game. The stand-alone handheld device is designed with a large, illuminated screen to play a choice of three Tetris games, including the marathon version. It is the first stand-alone handheld to include a hold button, which allows players to keep a Tetrimino (the Tetris playing pieces) shape to use later in the game. The Tetris Illuminated Mega Screen game is expected to ship this spring, with in-store availability at Target, Kmart, and Toys “R” Us retailers to come this fall.

Techno Source also showcased its Tetris Link 2-Player Edition, a family strategy game designed for play at home or on the go, as a follow up to the Tetris Link tabletop strategy game. Tetris Link 2-Player Edition is expected shipping this spring, with in-store availability to come this fall.

debuted three new Tetris products at Toy Fair. The Tetris Desk Tidy is a new collection of office supplies, including a double highlighter pen, a pencil holder containing five pencils, a sharpener and eraser, a memo pad, a tape dispenser, a staple-free stapler, a desk organizer (with rubber bands and Tetrimino shaped paper clips), and Tetrimino-shaped stress blocks. Paladone also showed the Tetris Stackable Desk Light and the Tetris Alarm Clock, featuring numbers that change using falling Tetrimino shapes. All three new Tetris products will become available for purchase in September.

offered demonstrations of its games: Tetris The Card Game, a multiplayer card game; Tetris Tumble, a multiplayer strategy dice game; and Tetris Matrix, a single player strategy puzzle game. All three Tetris products are available for purchase at Books-a-Million, Barnes & Noble, and Calendar Club.

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