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New Shopkins Feature Set for October Release

shopkinsThe second movie in the Shopkins franchise Shopkins: World Vacation will be released this October by the Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Content Group.

The film follows the release of the first Shopkins movie, Shopkins: Chef Club. The new film brings the Shoppies and Shopkins out of Shopville on a vacation won by Kooky Cookie. When she takes her friends to London, they encounter the Biscuit Bandits and are thrust into an adventure across London, Paris, and Tokyo.

The release of the film adds to the growing Shopkins franchise, which saw more than 10 million downloads of the Shopkins World gaming app, 250 million views of Shopkins cartoons on YouTube, and 12 million streams of Shopkins songs.

Shopkins also launched a live stage show that is set to tour the U.S. this September.

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