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New Renditions of Grateful Dead’s Steal Your Face Logo to Mark Band’s 50th Anniversary


The Grateful Dead’s Steal Your Face logo, with its iconic bolt of lightning and a grinning face, is a legendary rock ‘n’ roll emblem that has come to represent the band’s music, lifestyle, and philosophy. The logo was created by the band’s soundman Owsley Stanley and rendered by designer Bob Thomas.

To commemorate the Grateful Dead’s 50th anniversary and re-engage future generations, designer Darren Romanelli has commissioned select artists and brands to reinvent this classic visual in their own way. The series kicks off with Romanelli’s own rendition, entitled Stolen Faces, which features the familiar Steal Your Face skull without the lightning bolt. The result, a blank canvas, sends a visual invitation for other artists to submit their own graphic interpretations.

Another version created by Frank Caruso incorporates cartoon character Popeye into the traditional Steal Your Face skull, thus creating a joyful celebration of all things Americana.

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