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Michelle Obama Immortalized as Doll

People haven’t gotten it this bad for a First Lady since Jackie O. Although today doesn’t quite resemble the angelic times of Camelot, the people seem to have found their American princess yet again in the form of Michelle Obama. Some folks might have their beef with her hubby, but it seems the statuesque First Lady, with a penchant for pearls and pencil skirts, can do no wrong. The Franklin Mint, a company specializing in heirloom dolls, commemorative coins and the like, has taken it upon themselves to immortalize Mrs. Obama in the form of a doll. Inspiration for the figurine was taken from the First Lady’s official White House portrait. Clad in a black sheath dress and simple string of pearls, the limited-edition dolls are now on sale. A whole string of outfits from her visits to Mexico City and Buckingham Palace could soon follow.

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