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Mattel Launches Star Wars Bloxels

BloxelsS_StarWarsMattel Inc. and Pixel Press, in collaboration with Lucasfilm, will introduce Star Wars Bloxels, allowing kids to create their own video games with characters and stories from the Star Wars universe.

Bloxels video game creation platform that gives kids an introduction to video game development, where they become the game designer, artist, storyteller, publisher and player. 

Players can use the Death Star themed gameboard and colored blocks to customize and build their stages, and watch their game come to life in app. Kids can customize the game’s graphics into a Star Wars galaxy by choosing from different environments, including Hoth, Jabba’s Palace, Mos Eisley, the Ewok Village, or the Death Star.  The game builder app is available only with purchase of the Star Wars Bloxels kit.

After the game is created, kids can publish their video games to a community of players and explore other’s gaming worlds.  Star Wars Bloxels is available at retailers nationwide.

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