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Lindy Smith Introduces New Lifestyle Brand

Lindy Smith, whose cake designing skills helped established her as an author, teacher, and businesswoman with 13 books and an online store, is now focusing on a global licensing campaign.

Licensing company JELC is building on that awareness and rolling out a licensing strategy for the Lindy Smith brand. It will use Lindy’s mix of patterns and color palettes as the basis of a comprehensive style guide.

Lindy and UK design agency Minnow Creative (creator of The Great British Bake Off branding and style guide) have put together a collection of colors, icons, prints, and finishes that can be combined to generate a range of products.

There is a range of potential products that can be marketed under the Lindy Smith name. Categories include aprons, cake stands, bake-ware and ceramics, picnic-ware, food gifting, and confectionery. Design-related non-food categories such as stationery, greetings cards, and even soft furnishings are also of interest. Numerous outlets, from specialist cookery shops and garden centres to mainstream supermarkets and bookshops are likely retail targets for the product ranges.

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