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LIMA Study Shows Global Retail Sales of Licensed Goods Hit $241.5 Billion in 2014

May27LIMA(2)The International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA) has released the results from its first LIMA Annual Global Licensing Study, which quantifies worldwide royalty rates and accompanying retail sales. According to the report, retail sales for products bearing the trademarked names and likenesses of cartoon characters, corporate logos and brands, major sports teams, and more totaled an estimated $13.4 billion in royalty revenues and $241.5 billion in retail sales last year. LIMA commissioned Brandar Consulting to conduct the survey.

The survey showed that the U.S./Canada was the most dominant region with more than $144 billion in retail sales—nearly 60 percent of the worldwide total. Europe accounted for nearly 25 percent of the worldwide total, and Asia nearly 10 percent.

By category, the licensing industry is dominated by five major sectors: Character and Entertainment, Corporate Trademarks, Sports, Fashion, and Collegiate. Together, they represented 89 percent of all licensing revenues in 2014. The Character and Entertainment category had $107 billion in retail sales, accounting for 44 percent of the total; Corporate Trademark ($53 billion, 22 percent); Fashion ($29 billion, 12 percent); Sports ($26 billion, 11 percent); Publishing ($12 billion); Collegiate ($4.6 billion); Celebrity ($3.3 billion); and Music ($2.3 billion).

The results are a compilation of market research survey data, which was fielded in April 2015, and publicly available industry data. A total of 325 companies responded to the survey: 110 licensors, 125 licensees and 90 agents/consultants. The survey was fielded online in six different languages and supplemented with in-language phone interviews that resulted in reported revenues for 24 countries representing all major geographic regions. The analysis includes specific data from 490 companies worldwide.

The full LIMA Annual Global Licensing Study, including regional and country-by-country breakdowns for major markets will be available later this summer. The survey is free of charge to LIMA members, and priced at $750 for non-members. For information on ordering the survey, please click here.

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