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KISS Added 125 New Worldwide Licensing Partners Last Year

KISSLast year, KISS reached 125 new licensing partners worldwide, adding to its portfolio of licensing and merchandising products from over the past 43 years. This year, KISS will prepare for a new European tour.

Epic Rights, KISS’ exclusive worldwide licensing and merchandising partner, shared the roster of 125 new licensing partners. New licensees with worldwide rights include: comic books and graphic novels from Dynamite Entertainment; digital mobile video game from Sproing Publishing; emojis, stickers, frames, overlays, themes, wallpapers, and avatars from Swyft Media; photo booths and branded prints from Apple Industries; carbon racing bikes from Sciacallo Bikes; 3-D printed figurines from Staramda; and long hauler model trucks from New Ray Toys.

New licensees with North American rights include: Pangea Brands LLC for waffle makers, toasters, and popcorn makers; S&B Entertainment for branded vending and crane machines; Wish Factory for pet products and automotive; AJJ Enterprises for cornhole and beanbag toss; Card Corporation for debit cards and credit cards; and Rhose Island Novelty for amusement products, which will also be available in Mexico.

Other licensees include Dead Tentacles (worldwide), (worldwide), PSD Underwear (worldwide),  KISS4Sale (North America), Breygent Marketing (North America), CMD aka FigPin (North America), Eurographics (North America), iCup (North America), Imaginarium Goods (North America), OT Sports (North America), Robert Kaufman Fabrics (North America),  Get Down Art (North America), Odd Sox (North America), and Philcos (Canada).

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