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Kim Kardashian Debit Card—Fail!

Photo Credit: Olsen Twins

A few weeks ago, we gave you the scoop on the Kardashian Prepaid

MasterCard—a new debit card for kids backed by the Kardashian sisters. We never said it was a good idea, but as thorough journalists, we felt obliged to simply relay the facts. Well, turns out, it wasn’t a good idea. Why? Quite simply, after all the extra fees, chances are parents would have no money left to actually put on the card.

Here is a breakdown:

Cost to Run the Card: $7.95 a month. Fee to Add Money: $1. Cost Per Transaction to Pay Bill: $2. Public Outrage: Priceless.

So how does this all end? Turns out pretty easilyKloe, Kim and Kourtney have pulled their famous name from the card.

—Mackenzie Allison

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