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Kidz Global Survey Reveals Entertainment Brands Miss Out on Key Sales

KidzGlobalAccording to a Kidz Global BrandTrends survey, entertainment brands that ranked high on the brand popularity index (BPI) for French girls ages 7 to 9 include Minions, Ice Age, Lego, Playmobil, Lego Friends, Disney Princess, and Frozen. In terms of future purchase intentions (FPI), more than 75 percent of girls want a Frozen product—the favorite brand overall—and around 70 percent want a Disney Princess item. Brands such as Minions, Ice Age, and Lego rank high on BPI, but don’t perform as well in the girls’ FPI.

For example, despite being the second most popular entertainment brand, less than 45 percent of girls would purchase a licensed product with the Minions on it. In contrast, Kidz Global would expect this number to be approximately 65 percent. The same can be said for Gulli, which is the second most popular brand and in a similar position as Minions. For Ice Age, this number was just under 50 percent, despite it coming in fourth place for its popularity. The only brand that ranked higher in popularity than these four was Frozen, which was in a much higher position on the FPI ranking.

Even though some brands may not be as popular overall, the brands that girls were more likely to purchase include Frozen, Disney Princess, Lego Friends, Barbie, and Disney Fairies/Tinkerbell.

Data shows that leading brands miss key opportunities by assuming their female customer is not interested in a wider scope of brands and product categories. To avoid losing major revenue opportunities and wider brand appeal and awareness, these products should be on display in stores and market this audience.

BrandTrends offers detailed and accurate data that is conducted twice a year to 42 countries globally. Thousands of kids and parents are interviewed on a range of questions to get the all-inclusive results. Due to the recent partnership with Junior City, Kidz Global enhanced the length of the survey with subtle findings from additional qualitative research.

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