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Jakks Pacific Sings a New Tune with Deal for Toys Inspired by Songify App

Jacks Pacific signed a license agreement with Khush, a developer of intelligent music applications, to create a new product inspired by the Songify app. Songify, developed in part by YouTube sensations The Gregory Brothers along with Khush, launched this past summer as the first mobile app that turns speech into music instantly. Jakks Pacific plans to bring the technology to the toy aisle this summer.

Jakks’ Songify toy will allow users to simply press record and talk directly into the toy, which instantly analyzes their speech, slices it into a chorus and verses while mapping it to a melody, and produces a beat to go along with the corrected voice pitch. The Songify toy will combine all of these into a finished song.

Jakks Pacific debuted its Songify toy at the American International Toy Fair in New York.

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