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Jakks Pacific, Bay Tek Games to Develop Home Version of Popular Arcade Game

jakksBay Tek Games partnered with Jakks Pacific to develop and launch a home version of its ticket redemption arcade game Pull My Finger. The new game will be featured exclusively at Toys “R” Us this December, and be available to all retailers beginning next spring.

Pull My Finger was launched by Bay Tek in 2010 as a novelty ticket redemption game where players pull a monkey’s finger to launch a ball into a playfield to hit targets and win tickets.

Bay Tek will also look at its extensive catalog of existing IP, and future brand extensions may include digital games, board games, toys, character branding, and more. Bay Tek is currently rolling out Skee-Ball, the alley roller game that it acquired last year.
Dimensional Branding Group (DBG) is Bay Tek’s exclusive licensing agency representing Skee-Ball.  Bay Tek and DBG have partnered to add new licensing partners and will continue to grow the brand.

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