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Jakks Pacific Enters Licensing Agreements with Cra-Z-Art, Morf, and More

jakksJakks Pacific Inc. signed a manufacturing and distribution agreement with Cra-Z-Art, a division of LaRose Industries LLC, for its Blo-Pens brand of products. The multi-year distribution agreement allows Cra-Z-Art to market, sell, and distribute the branded line of craft and activity airbrushed markers in the U.S. and Latin America. Cra-Z-Art Blo-Pens products will be available this fall.

In addition, Jakks has entered a worldwide licensing agreement with Morf LLC for its MorfBoard line of products for kids and adults. Expanding on Jakks Pacific’s active play initiative to make fitness fun for everyone, this is an additional entry for the company in the health and wellness arena targeted to younger kids, teens, and millennials. The worldwide multi-year licensing agreement will allow Jakks to exclusively manufacture, market, and sell MorfBoard products across various traditional mass distribution channels and fitness centers, sporting good outlets, and direct-to-consumer channels. MorfBoard is an action sports-inspired fitness system that transforms how it works and how users work out and play.

At launch, Jakks will create two separate systems: one designed especially for kids, and one for adults. Both are built around a patented deck that can be fitted with an expanding ecosystem of attachments that allow users to rapidly change what the board does. The MorfBoard deck for kids will include attachments that turn the board into a skateboard or a scooter. Using the same patented technology, the adult system will target older kids, adults, and fitness enthusiasts who want to shake up their fitness routine and make working out fun. Both the kid and adult MorfBoard product lines are scheduled to be available at retail in Spring 2018.

Jakks also singed multi-year licensing agreements with Lansay, S.A. for several brands, including BloPens, Real Construction, and Minilicious. Lansay will develop, manufacture, market, and distribute the Real Construction brand in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Lansay continues to have rights for the BloPens brand outside of the U.S. and Latin America, as well as worldwide rights for Minilicious.

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