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ITV Studios Announces Social Media Influencers to be Featured in New Series

ITV_EthanGamerThe Netflix original series Robozuna will feature YouTube and social media influencers Ali-A and Ethan Gamer. The new series will air next year on CITV and ITV in the UK, and on Netflix worldwide.

Robozuna follows 14-year-old Ariston and his homemade robot sidekick Mangle as they join a team of Combatabots (robot gladiators) and battle in the Robozuna games to overthrow the evil empire.

Ali-A will join the voice cast as Clunk, a hammer-wielding robot whose wits don’t quite match up to his strength. Ali-A will also work with ITV Studios Global Entertainment on additional content for Robozuna, where he will appear as himself rather than Clunk.

Ethan Gamer will voice two Combatabots, Pulp and Rupture, as well as 11-year-old Dustin, the son of two villagers who are saved by the Freebot Fighters.


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