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Iconkids & youth Release New Kids License Monitor Study

iconkidsyouth_KidsLicenseMonitorGerman research agency iconkids & youth released the results of Kids License Monitor, a quarterly online study. The study assesses popular licenses in the UK, France, and Germany.

According to Kids License Monitor, the major properties in the market are either traditional unisex topics, or topics that mainly address boys. A brand that targets girls is less likely to make it into the top 10 children’s licenses.

The top 10 “hype” properties of the last half-year include classical unisex licenses, such as The Minions or The Simpsons, as well as action licenses including, Spider-Man, Batman, or The Avengers. That said, there is not a property that solely targets girls.

Iconkids & youth suggest that this is because girls tend to be more open-minded about their interests than boys. For example, the traditionally boy-targeted property Dragons is among the top 10 hype properties in Germany, with 55 percent of German boys fans, as well as 16 percent of girls. Yet, there is not one property targeting girls that is also popular with a percentage of boys.

The Kids License Monitor was conducted among 1,275 children ages 4 to 12 in the UK, France, and Germany. A total of 71 licenses from various categories including TV, toys, cinema, apps, books, music, and more were analyzed in all relevant dimensions, including the licenses’ awareness, appeal, market status, category fit, and ownership of products.

The current issue of the Kids License Monitor is now available. LIMA members receive a discount.

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