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I love this

dog-costumes1So we just finished a Halloween magazine, and in originally mocking up the issue we found this picture in a random Google Images search. It would be difficult for us to describe how much we love it, so you can just use your imagination. But it’s a lot. If anyone knows who the manufacturer of these beauties are (the costumes, that is), they’ll get a special place in a future issue of The Licensing Book.

In other costume news, we got a release yesterday from Rasta Imposta’s Gary Schneider, with whom we spoke for the Halloween issue, and he was ecstatic that one of the company’s costumes had been featured on American Idol… and on a successful contestant, no less.

He wrote: “Holly Harden of Rockmart, GA showed up for the Atlanta round of American Idol auditions wearing the GLAM ROCK GUITAR Red Costume. Noting that she ‘can’t play the guitar, but she can be the guitar’ Holly performed for the four American Idol judges, and after noting her fashion sense, the judges put her through to the next round of performances in Hollywood.”

Good news for Rasta Imposta, and great news for Holly Harden, to whom we wish luck owing to our twin fondnesses for Schneider and all things Atlanta, which pops up as relentlessly in our lives as bad singers do on Idol.

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