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Get Ready for Muppet Domination

I grew up watching Muppets TV shows and movies—the animated Muppet Babies sure were cute. I had stuffed animals of Kermit and company, too.

Since hearing that Jason Segel wrote a Muppets movie script, I’ve been excited to see where he takes the franchise in this movie. Remember the Dracula musical in the Segel-scripted Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Segel certainly knows how to put on a good puppet show. The Muppets film doesn’t hit theaters until November 23, but trailer parodies have delivered laughs and the same Muppets I enjoyed during my childhood—especially since Muppets don’t age. Here’s a roundup of the trailers.

The first Muppets trailer disguises itself as a romantic comedy called Green with Envy, starring Segel and Amy Adams:

Then came the Fuzzy Pack spoof on The Hangover’s Wolf Pack:

The Being Green trailer takes on the Green Lantern:

And lastly, the official Muppets movie trailer:

After seeing the official movie trailer, I’m excited for the Muppet domination, adventure, and merchandise that November will bring. Until then, the “Mahna Mahna” ear worm will have to suffice.

Melissa Tinklepaugh

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