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Geronimo Stilton Coming to PSP

Geronimo Stilton, one of the most successful series of children’s books, will be adapted for PSP, it was announced today. Geronimo Stilton The Kingdom of Fantasy: The Video Game will carry children and adults alike to the magical world depicted in the Kingdom of Fantasy.

Geronimo Stilton The Kingdom of Fantasy: The Video Game, exclusively for PSP, will be produced in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment España and developed by the Spanish studio Virtual Toys, and is set to be available in Spain and other key European markets at the end of the year.

The Video Game will maintain the spirit of the books and characters, while delivering distinctive graphic adventures full of riddles, optical illusions, enigmas, puzzles and brain teasers. Throughout its levels, Geronimo Stilton The Kingdom of Fantasy: The Video Game will generate unique and enriching experiences for both novice and expert players.

Fans will be able to guide Geronimo Stilton on his journey through kingdoms of fairies, mermaids, and dragons, among others, diving into a colorful world where friendship and family are the greatest treasures to have. Similar to the books, the game will be divided into seven levels designed to recreate each Fantasy Kingdom. In each one, players are required to take on ten different challenges in order to move forward in this spellbinding story.

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