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Genesis Pattern Technologies Partners with Trademarketing Resources for KLOAK Licensing TRI

Trademarketing Resources Inc. has been retained to help KLOAK execute the licensing of its growing line of camouflage patterns, trademarks, and proprietary design concepts to the outdoor industry, military, and consumer goods markets.

Trademarketing Resources Inc. currently manages brands and licensing programs for Chrysler’s MOPAR Division, Polaris Industries, Saleen Automotive Inc., National Rifle Association, HillBilly Brand, and other top-tier companies.

Since the launch of the KLOAK brand last year, Genesis Pattern Technologies has partnered with numerous brands and celebrities to roll out its cryptic camouflage patterns—as well as proprietary patterns—to various tactical, hunting/shooting, fishing, birding, snowmobile, and casual wear markets.

For information on licensing KLOAK patterns or details on proprietary pattern development, visit, or contact Trademarketing Resources Inc, 5710 Bella Rose Blvd., Suite 100, Clarkston, MI 48348. (248) 922-9678.

New KLOAK patterns, based upon mimicry patterning and cryptic colorations found in the natural world, will debut during the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, January 14-17.

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