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GameCo, Inc. to Develop Video Game Gambling Machines Featuring Steve Aoki

GameCoGameCo Inc. entered a license agreement with Steve Aoki to develop an original new video game gambling machine (VGM) game titled Steve Aoki’s Neon Dream.

Scheduled to debut in casinos this summer, the game is inspired by Aoki’s 2014 “Neon Future” album. The first-person game will blend the controls of an infinite runner with the experience of Aoki’s music. Players will enter a world of color and shape, while listening to various house and electronic dance music (EDM) titles from Aoki’s Dim Mak label.

GameCo’s VGMs combine the experience of playing video games with the excitement of gambling. The company’s patented arcade-style VGM cabinets feature a single-player video game adapted from top console, PC, and mobile games that allow a player’s skill to determine the payout and winnings, while maintaining the same casino-based economics as slot machines.

This year, GameCo plans to release at least 10 new VGM titles, including games under license from major game developers and entertainment IP companies with brands that include Star Trek , Mission Impossible, Paranormal, and Terminator 2: Judgment Day.


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