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GameCo Expands Video Game Gambling Machines with New Licenses

GameCo_Vikings VGMUnder license from MGM Interactive, GameCo Inc. will develop games for its video game gambling machines (VGM) based on the TV series Vikings and the Western film Hang ‘Em High.

GameCo’s VGM is an arcade-style video game cabinet that features a single-player game adapted from top console, PC, and mobile developers. The VGM made history when it became the first skill game in the world to hit casino floors. GameCo currently has 30 machines at four properties in Atlantic City, including Caesars, Harrah’s Resort, Bally’s Wild Wild West, and Tropicana Atlantic City.

While playing Vikings, players will be dropped into a sword fight where players lead their Vikings into battle. Hang ‘Em High is an arcade-style, shooting game that combines the classic film with updated graphics and experiences. The deal was brokered on behalf of GameCo by Richmond Management Group.

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