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Finding the “Wow” at Toy Fair Part 2

Yesterday, I told you about some cool games that made their debut at Toy Fair. Today I bring you dolls and plush.

I remember as a kid, I had a teddy bear named Radar—the same name as Big Bird’s teddy bear on Sesame Street. As far as I know, the bear was not based on any particular movie, book or TV show and now, after years of love, it is quite worn out and barely even looks like a bear anymore. Kids today have the opportunity to take their favorite characters home with them in the form of cuddly plush and adorable dolls.

A few new licensed items in the plush and dolls categories include a Girl Scouts collection under the Adora brand from Charisma, and three new 18-inch dolls will be added to the Wizard of Oz collection. Both product lines will be available mid 2011.

Zoobies is also expanding its Eric Carle offerings and adding products featuring the Big Red Dog, Clifford.

Of course, we will bring you more on Toy Fair soon!

-Mackenzie Allison

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