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eBay Releases Top-Shopped Items List

Most of us don’t have tons of money tucked under the mattress to pull out for the latest techno gadget or trendy fashion accessory. When you just can’t part with the Benjamins even for the most coveted item, you can always find an answer through eBay. According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, the online auction site has released its top-shopped items in 2010 list.

According to the list, compiled by analyzing sales and search data across categories to identify the year’s major moments and movements, the top shopped and pop culture obsessions of 2010 include:

1. iPhone 4

2. Barbie

3. Military jackets

4. Hot Wheels

5. iPad

6. World Cup

7. The Beatles

8. Silly Bandz

9. Alice in Wonderland

10. New Orleans Saints

11. Marc Jacobs

12. LeBron James

Top shopped in style and fashion obsessions include:

1. Military jackets

2. Plaid

3. 1950s

4. Neon

5. Marc Jacobs

6. Feathers

7. Faux fur

8. Tory Burch

9. Ankle boots

10. Leopard print

It appears The Licensing Book and eBay are in sync when it comes to pop culture obsessions—we included Silly Bandz in our Year in Review—although we aren’t too sure about feathers and fake fur.

Mackenzie Allison

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