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Create Your Own Uglydoll T-Shirts

The Licensing Book just got wind of the coolest news we’ve heard all day. In fact, it may be the coolest news we’ve heard ever.

Through a collaboration with Mighty Fine, you can now design your own Uglydoll T-shirts online! You can design shirts for the men, women, kids, or toddlers in your life, or design a whole bunch of them just for yourself (which is what I plan to do).

Once you get to the main website, towards the bottom is a little area on the Uglydoll map that says Tee Shirt Factory. Once you’re in the Tee Shirt Factory, you can choose men, women, kids, or toddlers. From there, things only get more exciting!

You can choose from great graphics including different Uglydoll characters and faces, and make your character say things like “I heart ….” Or “I DON’T heart….” with a bunch of little icons to fill in for what you do and don’t love.

Other things to choose include T-shirt colors and the size and placement of the design you’ve created.

The awesomeness of the invention cannot be adequately expressed here. You must go to the site and try it for yourself.

I have a pretty good idea where most of my paycheck will be going this month….

—Jennifer Sinclair

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