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Conan O’Brien Licenses Out Of Spite

strike-conan-obrien_lAs most of you have probably heard, Conan O’Brien is out, and Jay Leno is back in, as host of The Tonight Show. The last two weeks have been a valedictory of sorts for O’Brien, whose lifelong goal was to host The Tonight Show and, rather than be forced out of his time slot, is leaving the network altogether. He’s thrown jokes at NBC fast and furious, and last night continued his barrage, only this time he hit NBC where it hurts: its pocketbook. He reminded viewers that he’s still entitled to spend the show’s enormous budget, and then introduced its “newest character:” the Bugatti Veyron Mouse, which is really just the world’s most expensive car with crudely-attached mouse ears and whiskers. The mouse’s theme song? “Satisfaction,” by the Rolling Stones. Why? Here’s Conan:

“Is this appropriate music for a car that looks like a mouse? No! Does it add anything at all to this comedy bit? No, it doesn’t. Is it crazy expensive to play on the air, not to mention the rights to re-air this clip on the Internet? Hell yes.”

Unsurprisingly, this clip isn’t available on but you can see it here, along with several others. It’s the third one down.

For the record, yes, we’re on Team CoCo.

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