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COMMENTARY: Put a Little English on Life with Downton Abbey-Inspired Products

Downton Abbey is known for being one of the classiest shows on TV—quite literally, in fact, meaning it revolves around the “upstairs” and “downstairs” worlds of an early 20th century household in England. The life of the upper class upstairs is juxtaposed and entwined with the service staff downstairs. The TV drama focuses on both classes equally, allowing you to love and hate members of both, showing upward mobility within them, and really defining what it really means to be wealthy and have status. (Plus, it’s heavily British and really soap-opera-y, making it very addicting and easy to marathon-watch.)

Downton Abbey is full of elegant taste and the instillation of manners and subtlety (the British way!), and parts of the licensing program reflects just that. While it does contain “louder” pieces, such as T-shirts from Fifth Sun bearing phrases such as “I was meant to live at Downton Abbey,” the licensing program also really focuses on making Downton Abbey a lifestyle brand—one that combines the fictional world with your own contemporary home. These products ease viewers’ fandom into their current modern lifestyle in a quieter way.

Downton Abbey TeasAny Englishman worth his or her salt knows that it’s all about the tea, and The Republic of Tea’s Downton Abbey Inspired Tea Collection would make the Granthams proud. From Lady Violet Crawley to Lord Grantham, the collection captures the essence of the TV show’s beloved characters. I can go ahead and vouch for these teas—specifically the Grantham Breakfast Blend—since I gave some to my mom for her birthday. As a Downton and tea fan, these got Mom’s seal of approval.

Downton Abbey WineAnd of course, no upper-class-in-early-20th-century-England dinner is complete without a lovely glass of wine. Wines That Rock introduced The Downton Abbey Wine Collection. These wines are crafted with premium grapes from France’s famed Entre-Deux-Mers region—the same vines, soil, and region used to produce wines from the Downton era. Talk about authentic. Hopefully, a few glasses of these give you a knack for sophisticated quips that rival those of the Dowager Countess.

Downton.jewelryLady Mary knows that a little bit of bling goes a long way to make a gal look classy. The Downton Abbey Jewelry Collection, from 1928 Jewelry Co., captures the elegant look and feel of the jewelry seen on Downton Abbey in a contemporary jewelry line with a vintage flair. The spring 2014 collection will be available at multiple retailers, so that everyone can feel like one of the Grantham girls.

So add a subtle touch of class to your contemporary lifestyle with these great products inspired by your favorite British TV drama. These products are a fun way to show off your favorite parts of this popular period piece and make your modern-day lifestyle a little more vintage.

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