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CBS Consumer Products Re-Launches

Lots of properties have fans. Lots of properties have licensed stuff. But every once in awhile, there comes a property that evolves from a brand into a living, ever-changing, sentient being, whose fans become a whole ‘nother species.

One such property is Star Trek. The brand has gone from a TV show to movies to licensed products, then moved on from there to live conventions, costume contests, and so much more—it’s a lifestyle. Like the brand itself, the fans have evolved into a culture of their own, set apart from fans of other properties because of their passion, their fervor, their creativity, and their desire for total immersion.

It is with this in mind that CBS Consumer Products today re-launched, the online destination that brings the brand and its fans together. “ aims to embrace all of fandom and to be as interactive as possible,” reads an article posted on the site, about the site. The site will strive to reach that goal through exclusive celebrity interviews, guest bloggers, breaking news, an online store, biographies, pictures, the inside scoop on events, conventions, live shows, and more.

To check out the site for yourself, and read the complete article introducing the re-launch, click here.

–Jennifer Sinclair Ringler

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