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Brookstone Files for Bankruptcy, Plans to Close Mall Stores

BrookstoneAccording to NPR, Brookstone Co. Inc. has filed for bankruptcy for the second time. On Thursday, the retailer announced that it will shut down about 100 of its mall locations with hopes of selling its remaining assets, according to the filing document.

In 2014, Brookstone filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and sold its assets to the China-based conglomerate Sanpower Group. Currently, under Sanpower, the company operates 137 retail stores, 35 of which are located in airports. Read the rest of this entry »

AT&T, Time Warner Merge for TV Deal

ATT-logo-2016-640x480According to CNBC, AT&T will launch a skinny bundle of TV programming free to its mobile customers, which comes a day after the company closed its $85.4 billion purchase of Time Warner. AT&T’s unlimited wireless customers will get the service for free, or interested parties can buy it for $15 a month on any platform. The service will be ad-supported, and AT&T will be ramping up an advertising platform. The company expects to make smaller acquisitions to enable those ad efforts in the coming weeks.

The Justice Department attempted to block the merger on anti-competitive grounds, however, Judge Richard Leon ruled against the government last week, clearing the way for the deal to go through. Time Warner’s properties include Turner Broadcasting’s CNN as well as HBO and the Warner Bros. movie and TV studio. AT&T, the nation’s second-largest wireless firm, also owns DirecTV and offers broadband internet service.

Velcro Celebrates 60th Trademark Anniversary with Parody Music Video

Velcro_MusicVideoThis year, the Velcro trademark celebrates its 60th anniversary in the U.S. this year with a campaign and new music video, with a campaign and music video, “Thank You For Your Feedback.” The video is a response to last year’s music video, “Don’t Say Velcro,” and once again pokes fun, shares fan feedback, and spreads awareness on the Velcro trademark.

Thank You For Your Feedback” provides alternative names for hook and loop products in the song lyrics. The brand will also release a third video this year, which will explore the creative side of the trademark.

Read the rest of this entry »

Suggestions for Licensors to Implement a Best Practices Licensee Audit Program

by Tom Doug Harrison, and Molly of Royalty Management Associates (RMA)


This article highlights the key benefits, practical challenges, and major elements in establishing, maintaining, and improving this critical part of a fully functioning licensing program.

Licensee auditing done right helps make clear what is often obscure, cloudy, and full of suspicion. Through the auditing process, licensees better understand licensor expectations and licensors feel more comfortable that they know “what is going on” with their licensees. Good audits take an inherently opaque relationship and make it more transparent, a benefit to both the licensor and their licensees. As such, a good licensee audit program is not an option, but a necessity, for an over-all properly functioning licensing operation. And all the resulting benefits can be achieved at no net cost to licensors since the audit recoveries invariably, on an overall basis, will far exceed the out-of-pocket costs. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Companies with Intellectual Property Should Have a Standard Process for eDiscovery

by Brian Schrader, Esq., BIA

Office_StockImage_It’s no secret that companies that deal in intellectual property (IP) face frequent litigation, and in today’s digital world, that leads to an almost constant need to prepare and present relevant electronic data in response.

The process of preserving, collecting, filtering, reviewing and producing data is known as electronic discovery. Over the past few decades, eDiscovery has become a well-established industry, yet when the need arises for eDiscovery in response to litigation, many companies tend to reinvent the wheel each time by taking an ad hoc approach to the process—which leads to unnecessary chaos, business disruption, and increased risks and costs.

By standardizing the eDiscovery process, IP companies can avoid headaches and minimize their risk, all while reducing interruptions and costs.

So, what does an effective eDiscovery process look like? Read the rest of this entry »

eOne Cracks Down on Counterfeit Merchandise and Unlicensed Events for Peppa Pig and PJ Masks

eOneEntertainment One Licensing (eOne) today outlined the stance it will take to reduce the global sale of counterfeit merchandise and unlicensed events for Peppa Pig and PJ Masks.

Beginning this year, eOne seized more than 250,000 counterfeit products globally via port seizures and market raids, and removed more than 50,000 infringing listings on more than 40 leading e-commerce platforms including Alibaba, Mercado Libre, and Amazon. eOne also enforced against social media platforms, removing more than 1,000 infringements across iTunes, GooglePlay, and YouTube. Additioanlly, several infringing stage shows and unlicensed events have been cancelled via legal action across the Latin American region. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Should You Hire a Licensing Attorney?

Judge gavelby Andrew J. Levison, Esq.

So you have decided to license your artwork, your invention, your story, your unique concept, or your patentable intellectual property, to a person or entity, or, you are a manufacturer seeking to the intellectual property of a person or company to use in conjunction with the items you make. DO YOU NEED A LAWYER TO HELP YOU?

What follows are some key reasons why you should hire an attorney to help you with a licensing agreement. Some pertain to the creative community as licensors, and others relate to manufacturers, as licensees. However both creative individuals and manufacturers should be familiar with both. Read the rest of this entry »

Genesis Pattern Technologies Partners with Trademarketing Resources for KLOAK Licensing TRI

Trademarketing Resources Inc. has been retained to help KLOAK execute the licensing of its growing line of camouflage patterns, trademarks, and proprietary design concepts to the outdoor industry, military, and consumer goods markets.

Trademarketing Resources Inc. currently manages brands and licensing programs for Chrysler’s MOPAR Division, Polaris Industries, Saleen Automotive Inc., National Rifle Association, HillBilly Brand, and other top-tier companies.

Since the launch of the KLOAK brand last year, Genesis Pattern Technologies has partnered with numerous brands and celebrities to roll out its cryptic camouflage patterns—as well as proprietary patterns—to various tactical, hunting/shooting, fishing, birding, snowmobile, and casual wear markets.

For information on licensing KLOAK patterns or details on proprietary pattern development, visit, or contact Trademarketing Resources Inc, 5710 Bella Rose Blvd., Suite 100, Clarkston, MI 48348. (248) 922-9678.

New KLOAK patterns, based upon mimicry patterning and cryptic colorations found in the natural world, will debut during the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, January 14-17.

LIMA Webinars to Tackle Legal and Cultural Issues that Impact Licensing Deals Worldwide

The International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association’s (LIMA) bi-monthly webinar series continues May 15 with programs designed to help marketing professionals build stronger brands, partnerships, and retail strategies on a global scale. The session, Thinking About Cultural Cues—And How to Avoid Mishaps, will delve into the key legal issues that attendees need to know when doing business in European markets, as well as important cultural concerns to take into consideration when developing licensed product.

Elie Dekel, President of Saban Brands; Jessica Metcalfe, blogger of Beyond Buckskin; and Adrienne Keene, blogger of Native Appropriations, will discuss how the Paul Frank brand went through a learning process with the Native American community, and the broader lessons that can be learned.

All LIMA webinars take place from 12:00-1:30pm EDT and are free for all LIMA members ($200 per site for non-members.)

Kent Press’ Basics of Licensing Book Series Emerges as Go-To Industry Reference Guide

Kent Press’ Basics of Licensing, the two-book series co-authored by industry heavyweights Gregory J. Battersby and Danny Simon, has emerged as the go-to resource for those seeking the most comprehensive information on the structure and operation of a successful licensing program.

Last year, the International Licensing Industry Merchandiser’s Association (LIMA) offered their endorsement. Battersby and Simon will continue their collaboration this year, which will include the completion of a new volume in the Basics of Licensing series. Basics of Licensing: International Edition will be available this summer.

The Basics of Licensing book series explores every aspect of licensing from the perspectives of top professionals in the industry. A supplement provided in each edition offers readers a wealth of practical and useful documents, including licensing and agent agreements, and administrative templates.

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