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Cartamundi Set to Launch Disney Retro Range


Cartamundi is set to launch a new range of card games with packaging and design inspired by classic early Disney. The first three releases will star Mickey Mouse as he appeared in his earliest years. Disney Mickey Mouse Retro Edition Happy Families, Disney Mickey Mouse Retro Edition Game Box, and Mickey Mouse Retro Edition Game Box Compendium (Deluxe version) will be available this fall and winter.

The Happy Families box is a Mickey and Friends-themed take on the game. Disney Mickey Mouse Retro Edition Game Box contains a deck of 55 playing cards; a leaflet with eight different playing card games, including Old Maid, Go Fish, Kilos, and Patience; a Yahtzee game; five dice with a guide to a number of fun dice games; a Yahtzee notebook; and a leather dice cup. The Deluxe version also contains a Happy Families game and a memo game.

All the games and packaging will include imagery from the very earliest days of Mickey Mouse and friends such as Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck, housed in a beautiful box with a pre-faded retro look and illustrated with facsimiles of the original Mickey from 1928.

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